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Assistance in obtaining legal documents to work in EU

Mujer joven frente a la Ópera Estatal de Viena, Austria

We take care of your transfer and to find your accommodation in Austria.

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During the video interview, you'll be asked a series of questions that are relevant to the job position and your experience. This interview allows our hiring managers to efficiently evaluate a large pool of applicants and identify those who demonstrate the necessary skills, experience, and personality traits to succeed in the role.


Initial Training

Initial training for your job and Europe transition is a crucial part of the onboarding process for new employees who are relocating to Europe for work. This training provides essential information and resources to help you adjust to your new job and life in a new country, and it can be an important factor in your success in the role.

The initial training typically covers a range of topics, such as the company's culture and values, job responsibilities and expectations, performance metrics and goals, and administrative procedures. It may also provide information on the local laws and regulations, tax and social security requirements, and other practical aspects of living and working in the new country.

In addition to job-specific training, the initial training may also include cultural awareness and sensitivity training, language training, and other resources to help you navigate the cultural differences and communicate effectively with your colleagues and customers.


Transfer & Accommodation

We offer relocation packages to help you ease the transition and ensure that you are settled and ready to start the new job.

The transfer process typically involves arranging transportation for the employee and their family, as well as any belongings they wish to bring with them. This may include flights, shipping of personal belongings, and assistance with visas and work permits.

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What do they say from us

"I had been struggling to find work in my field, and the team at Connect Jobs went above and beyond to help me secure a position that matched my skills and experience. I felt supported and well-informed every step of the way, which made the transition to working in Europe much smoother."

Iván Dávila

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